Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 + weeks

Is going on 4 + weeks since the last time I touched my road bike. Well, I've moved it from one corner to another, does that count? I've been riding the new trail almost everynight for the last 3 weeks, living only 1.25 miles from the trail makes it an easy decision to grab the mtb and go ride it. I'm just riding easy and finally just letting the ribs heal. I'm not even doing the Twinn Sizzler road race. I have to get better and see if I can get the lost fitness back and race hard in September, October. Breaking or snapping the same ribs 3 times in the last 4 months is not good for you, you know.
The grand opening of the trail was a success, thank you Cleveland Metroparks and Camba for your hard work. 10 plus miles of trails for begginers to advance riders to enjoy close to home.
I'm going to start driving to the trail riding a couple of miles and then running a couple of miles, hit two birds at the same time. The only thing that's a pain about this idea is having to eat dinner late at night, but it is the only way I'm going to get any running in, and I do want to start running again.
I've been thinking about what to do with the blog and an idea that cam to mind is to do an interview with different people once a week. Like race promoters, bike mechanics, fast racers, slow racers, anybody that wants to talk for that matter. I think it'll be different hearing what people think about riding a bike. look for it soon.

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