Friday, March 23, 2012

Starting the commute

With the mild/warm weather with been having I should have been riding to work since mid February.
2 broken ribs put a hold on that. Rode in to work twice this week and my ribs are feeling good. Sore after the ride from pulling on the handlebars when climbing, but not sore enough to make me stop. Had a few chances before this week to ride in to work but it rained overnight and I didn't think wet roads and broken ribs mixed well if I happen to slip and fall. My commute to work is 31 miles and hilly so I saw no reason to risk a fall. Traffic so far has been good and light since I'm on the road before 5:30 am.
Got a new battery for my helmet light since the old one was recalled and what do you know, it stays on for all the 2 hrs of my commute. Before it was completely out in 1 hr.
Cught up to another rider on a single speed riding in to work as a teacher in the Brecsville school system. Likes to do ultra-endurance rides and has done a 40 mile race in Aaska called the Fireweed400  I should put it in my bucket list but I don't think I'll make it there anytime soon.
Anyways, hopefully it'll stay dry next week so I can ride in a to work a couple more times before my first race in Michigan on the 30th. The Lowell 50 gravel road race. Switching to 1.90 tires this weekend. Riding my mtb since I don't own a cross bike...hmm, maybe I should get one, I like racing gravel roads.
Hopefully no rain tonight until I get home. The wife already told me we are having pizza tonight, can't wait!!
Have a great Friday

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