Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Real sweat versus artificial sweat

Today is the 3 week anniversary of my "crash heard around the basement" accident, crash, stupidity call it what you want, it hurts the same.
Since then I've rode the trainer 15 out of 19 days. Yes, I said I was riding Sunday but I didn't, too chicken to go out on fresh snow, the type of snow that you slip and slide all over the place. On my way back from Church, two cars were "parked" very nicely on a ditch not to far from each other so I told myself "looks like indoors today".
Last night with the temps in the low 50's and sunny to start it was time to go outside. It felt good to do some real sweating versus indoor trainer sweating. It felt good to be outside. 19 days in a row inside is not good for your health. Even as bad as last years winter was I rode outside on an average of once every week.
Anyways, the ribs felt good although the soreness is still there telling you it still hurts.
Heading down to Asheville tomorrow.

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