Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a great year

1955 was a good year, no, make that a Great year. The year I was born, 55 today born in 1955 or born in 1955, 55 today. I thank my Mom and Dad for conceiving me. If it's a sign of years to come, my dad just turned 92 in August and my mom is 75 and strong as always. Whatever the future years bring it's all in Gods hands. I'm thankful and happy for everything I've gone through, good or bad, smart or stupid. Many lessons learned, many more to be learned. Thankful for the family and for what I have and acomplished the first 55 years of my life.
The ladies here at work gave a me a Solon Bicycle gift card and cheese cake. Wonderful group of ladies they are.


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