Monday, September 13, 2010

Manatoc came and went

Kind off late to blog about Manatoc but nevertheless here it is.
Saturday started  kind off gray with a brief shower flying by but it cleared and the day turned out great. Quite a few people said that it was pouring in Cleveland and they almost didn't make it but were glad they did. The trails was dry, fast and dusty. Lots of bikes to demo from different manufacturers and even a women specific van. About time the manufacturers get smart and start offering more womem specific bikes and products. Kids races and many other things to do.
Even the University Hospitals helicopter paid a visit on Saturday and Sunday.
Sunday came and the races went on without any problems.

Yesterday Joe and I went to HHH in Findlay, Hancok Horizontal Hundred were the highest points are the freeway overpasses. It was funny to hear people at the rest stations talk about the "hills" when there was none. The wind was brutal coming out of the nothwest and a few occasions I had to lean the bike into it. One stretch of 14 miles of road  all heading west was brutal. Joe and I worked a drafting system were we would  do 4 telephone poles and switch, it worked to perfection. We  managed a respectable 5:21 for 101 miles. With 3 or 4 more riders I'm sure we would have been able to brake 5 hrs for the 100 miles. Maybe next year. I felt good all day except when we stopped at tthe last rest station for a quick pit stop, we turned the corner and the wind hit us my legs did not want to go and felt like cemet poles. It took me almost 2 miles to get going and I was having a hard time even spinning. Once I got past that we finished strong.
I'l try to post a few pictures when i have time.
Have a great riding week.

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