Friday, September 3, 2010

Week in review

Have had a decent week. Sunday it was Findley State park for two laps. it's funny how somedays you feel like crap and you start telling yourself "it's not going to feel good today". First lap I started nice and slow and all of the sudden I found myself burying myself the second half of the trail and feeling great. I managed a 47:55 and I didn't even start riding hard until about half ways in the trail. I think another 30-45 seconds even a sub 47 would have been possible if I had started fast from the beggining.
Monday it was weights and core work at home, Tuesday  rode in to work, Wed. hit the gym for the first ttime in two weeks and did a full body workout and I could feel it on my ride in to work. Yeah, commuted twice to work this week, 125 miles total for both days. It was a lot easier to get up for the commute this week, our summer hrs are over and I switched my hrs to 8-4:30 instead of 7:30-4. I get an extra 1/2 hr of sleep and believe me, it makes a big difference.
Sample of all the stuff I carry  in to work when I commute, clothes, breakfast, lunch, newspaper (I walk to the box to get it now) light raincoat, Hammer stuff, smoothie with whey and recoverite in it and a whole bunch of other stuff for a total of 12lbs most days. Today I'm just going to do a 2hr ride on my favorite Valley City roads.
Don't forget the "Big Valley" festival this weekend at the Boy Scout camp in Peninsula Saturday and Sunday with demo bikes to try out including womens demo bikes. I'll be working the festival both days hope to see you there the trails are ripping fast and ready for you. Not racing, come on Saturday and for a small fee, ride until you can't ride no more. Remember, this is the only time of the year we can ride these trails.

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