Thursday, May 20, 2010

Floyd admits to doping

In the latest news from Floyd Landis he admits to doping since 2002 because he wanted to win. In the process he accuses Lance, George, Levi and Zabriske of doping also. One question I have been asking myself since Lance has been accused of doping is: what do these riders doctors know that the other riders doctors that get caught don't know. I mean, Lance gets tested on a regular basis so do the others, even when not racing, "out of competition tests" and nothing shows in the tests. For all  of you skeptics out there, think about it, what are they using that the other "top" riders don't know about that's undetectable.
It seems even people not even in sports are doping these days. Musicians for Pete's sake, are doping so they don't lose their "focus" during a concert. Just think about how much fun would have been for "Guns & Roses" to come to a concert and play classical music because they didn't dope and lost concentration on what type of music they were supossed to play. Sylvester Stalllone goes to anti-aging clinics and says he feels energized.
You know what, I hope Floyd gets sued by all the people that contributed money to his "I didn't dope crussade" defense fund.
Here's the article.

Got to go, I'm late for my anti-aging clinic appointment.

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