Sunday, May 16, 2010

The face of happiness

Yeah, that's the face of happiness. first time out on the road since I crashed. I finally had it and took to my favorite riding area around Valley City for nice smooth roads and for the most part, friendly drivers. The shoulder felt sore after the 2hr ride but strong. I was able to try different hand grips on the handlebar without too much bother. I'm going to ride every other day for the next week, I don't want to overdo it until I see the Ortho again on Friday.
On another subject my best Friend Ken his wife Karen, Family and friends flew to the old world for a Mediterranean cruise and sight seeing for 7-10 days. Karen got sick the first day on the cruise and had to be hospitalized went they got back to port in Barcelona, Spain. Not knowing the language was very hard according to Ken. The doctors and nurses spoke very little or broken english. Ken was ready to pay "mucho dinero" for a bowl of oatmeal or cereal but no dice. Every country is very different in terms of what and when they eat. In Spain they eat breads cold cuts and cheeses for breakfast. In France is impolite to ask for a separate entry like vegetables on the side. Most of us would consider the service slow but that's how it is. Here we go to a restaurant, order, eat, pay and out we go. And if we don't get the bill right after dessert we get anoyed. In the old world food is meant to be enjoyed with family or friends. The bill doesn't come until you ask for it, it is considered impolite to give you the bill if you don't ask for it. We could learn something about dining from the old world. Next time we go out for dinner, lets enjoy it. Etiquete lesson over.
Going back to Ken's ordeal, They couldn't figure out what Karen had and the best guess is food poisoning the first day of the cruise. One thing they do with tourists when they visit a hospital there, they take away your passports to make sure you pay the bill. If you want to know where all the old 2 stroke motor bikes go to die, ask Ken, he saw thousands of them including a 70's Bultaco. Crotch rockets doing a wheelie at a 100 miles on the main avenue. Can't wait until I sit down with Ken and talk about the trip.
Besides riding yesterday I got a lot of yard work done and I could feel it today when I got up, was I sore. I completely forgot to strech and my legs were stiff as a board.
Hope all of you that raced the Chipewa race today had fun and nobody got hurt.
More yard work today, it never ends.

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