Monday, January 23, 2012

liking it

Yest another post about how good the weather has been this winter. One day snow and 20's next day 40's and sunny. One day 4-6 inches of snow, two days later rain and meltdown, floods whatever.
It's been good for riding. Saturday in spite of the temps been in the mid 20's and a fresh 4-6 inches of snow on the ground, I headed out the door at 11am for a plannned 2 hr ride. It took me a half hr just to get dressed  and before I jumped on the bike I was sweating. Heavy tights, 4 layers and a Hammer winter vest plus my backpack with extra gloves, clothes whatever. I always try to carry a backpack during winter rides, sometimes I'm 2 hrs from home and you never know...Many deer i the parks and they are fat since the snow melts as soon as it falls. ended up with 2:25
Saturday I went out for the short "two" hr loop to beres and Isaac lake. The path was plowed until I hit the Isaac lake loop. From there back to the parkway it was slow go but since it was fresh snow and not too many people had been out it was fairly easy riding through 4 inches of snow.

Fresh tracks

Sunday the "depends" gang headed to the Polo Fields from the Bedford reservation for a long ride. we started at 22 degrees and by the time we got back to the car it was 38 and sunny. We took River rd all the way to Old Mill rd and I nearly passed out at the top climbing on a single speed geared for the road with a 32/16. I made it all the way up and then we headed back to the Chagrin reservation on County line road. lots of climbing for a single speed but great workout nevertheless.
The customary flat tire

Customary pee break
We were like a freaking rainbow of colors with me wearing a grees jersey and the white vest.
Probably the last weekend of long rides befeor heading down to Florida for a week of riding. we'll see what the weather brings next weekend. Ride time: 3:25 and 46 miles on a single speed 29er with mtb tires, lots of work but at the end it is worth the pain..mission acomplished.

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