Saturday, July 11, 2009

What an end to the week.

I had a good week of training with 12 hours on the bike and a couple of gym sessions in between.
I thought I would be on the bike this morning for another two hours of easy riding but it was not to be. Last night my wife went out to walk the dog as she usually does every evening and on the way back our medium size bichon was attacked by the geman shepperd two houses down from us. For some reason that we just can't figure out, this g.s. hates our dog. On one other instance he was loose and she was able to lift our dog over her head before he got a hold of him. He got loose and came after him. This time he was loose with the owners sitting on their driveway and as Nancy turned the corner she went to the opposite sidewalk not knowing that he was loose. He was stalking him from behind some bushes and came from behind and according to the vet "went for the kill". Nancy jumped over the g.s. back and open the dogs mandibule to pry our dog out of his mouth, in the process our dog bit her not knowiing it was her. Out dog won't kill a fly, he'll rather play with the fly than kill it. you can't really see how bad it is from the pictures below but he spent a night at the vet and later I'll post more pictures of how he really looks. Bite marks all over the middle of his body but thankfully no broken bones. We think he's going to be ok but that vet was very honest and said that if he gets infeted he can die. Nancy risk being attack by that dog but her adrenaline was flowing and she just reacted. Knowing how I can go on a rage I would have choke the dog to death, I've been known to go after drivers and try to open their car doors to pull them out and beat them up. Rage is a very dangerous thing and I always ask God to keep me from it. So far is working, don't get me wrong my rage is directed at people that try to hurt you on purposse while riding, never against my family or friends.
After picking him up this morning he just looks so bad and sad is not a pretty sight but I know he's going to get better.
It's a difficult situation because the owners of the dog are very nice people, we already talked and everything is going to be taken care off. The dog warden is coming over on Monday and we'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted.

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  1. OMG! Terrible situation, I Hope he gets better soon.