Saturday, July 4, 2009

Twin Sizzler road race.

Headed out to Medina to race at the Twin Sizzler race today.
Signed up and went out for about a 30 minute warm up with Ken.
Lined up and waited for our turn. They send the race horses out first and then every age group after that. They have been doing this race for many many years and they also have a 5k and a 10k race. The gun went off, well not really a gun but a guy in a very low tone of voice just said go.
Right off the bat we had to squezze by a semi that had been parked on the road about 50 meters from the start, tight squezze but everybody made it safely, at least that's what I think I never looked back until Kennard hill. I looked ahead and there was a guy on a cruiser bike with tall handlebars leading everybody up the first grade, his 5 minutes of glory were erased as soon as we hit the grade, swallowed by the peloton. The first few miles were spent sizing up who ever was in front. I pulled a page out of Ray Chester school of cycling and never took a pull until we hit Kennard road hill. This is not a very steep or too long hill but is enough to split the pack. Inmediately after we turned, Ken went to the front and took a hard pull with me right behind him. As soon as he started slowing down a bit I took over and hit it hard, as we got to the top of the hill I looked back for the first time to see what kind of damage we had done, only six of us made it together to the top. At this moment is when I went to Lances mode and started telling everybody that we had a huge gap and we had to keep it going. After the hill there's some rollers and then you start going down to Vandermak road, we hit almost 30 miles an hr here. At Vandermark you have a really sharp right hand turn and if you don't slow down enough you hit the ditch, which I have seen people laying there in past races. We were still working hard but slowed down a bit to rest since we had a huge lead. We caught the juniors and the women which had started about 5-15 minutes ahead of us. The six of us worked really good together, everybody took their pulls and nobody complained which is what happens in some races, sometimes one guy is doing all the work and nobody else wants to work. We hit Smith road and got going real good when we caught up to a dropped rider from another age group and he tried to stay with us but was really getting in Ken's and my way trying to keep the pace line going. At this moment I told him to let us in because he wasn't in our group and he got offended and said we were slowing him down. I barked right back at him and told him he was the one that was going to slow us down. As soon as I said that he takes off on a small hill and goes to the front to show me off, well he didn't last 60 seconds up there and we blew past him while I just looked at him and gave him a big smile. Listen buddy just because you are wearing a Livestrong kit doesn't make you as good as Lance, let that be a lesson to you, boy. Anyhow, where was I, o yeah, we kept it together all the way on Smith road and as I'm going next to Ken to ask him where were the last set of railroad tracks I see the turn coming up going to the finish. My confussion cost me precious seconds and maybe the race because I was feeling it. One of the guys jumps the others follow and I had to waste energy before I wanted too trying to chase. I did come close of chasing everyboody down but I needed another 25 meters, at the end I finished fourth. Great race great workout and I had a ton of fun. Ken had a great race and at the end he doesn't like to get mixed up on the sprint and he pulled off before the final 100 meters. Henry just nipped Ray at the line Ray and Henry finished in the top five in his age group. Henry only rides a couple of times a week and then goes out and kicks our butts. I hate to ride with him if he ever rides 6 days a week. Ross and Tiffany were there and had good races also.

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