Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NY city visit

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I took a short trip to Connecticut and drove and took the train down to NY city to visit the 911 Memorial, Rockefeller ctr. etc, etc, etc ...
We went to a Broadway show to watch "War Horse". We had watch the documentary of how it came to be a Broadway show and it was amazing. Our friend was able to find tickets at half the price thanks to a program through the NY city public schools. Great show.
We ate a couple of neighborhood places where we drank "mimosas" and had a great brunch. Walked the old neighborhood where my wife grew up and went to school. It brought a lot of memories.
Lots of people and I mean lots riding bikes all over the place and I'm not talking messengers only.
On our way back we went north west and made a one night stop to visit the NY side of the Falls. Not the same as the Canadian side, but amazing nevertheless.

Typical NY city sight. Broken bikes chained every where. I saw quite a few bikes with yellow tags on them for the city workers to remove and throw away.

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