Friday, October 28, 2011

Black Friday, car/bike accident

I haven't been able to ride to work lately because the only days that have been
dry and sunny have been mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that's when I do the spinning classes. Thought about it last night, but with partially wet roads and overnight frost, I didn't want to hit that thin film that forms on the roads fall and get hurt, so I  decided to drive. I take the same route even when I drive to work because it is a much nicer and peaceful ride.
Nothing nice or peaceful about today's ride. As I was driving across 21 or Brecksville Rd., I was broadsided by a cyclist. At first I thought it was a deer since there are so many of them in that area, but then I realized it was a person and a bike laying on the east side of the intersection. I ran there and called 911 right away. I never saw him and after a close inspection to make sure he was somewhat responsive, I noticed neither him nor the bike had any lights or reflectors of any kind. Four squad cars and EMS were there immediately and started working on him and asking him questions. He was riding his bike to the bus stop to pick up the bus for his ride downtown to work at the government bldg. He was not wearing a helmet either, and from what the cops told me, it looks like his head hit the top of my door.They also found a chipped tooth on top of my car under the bike racks. Ouch!
And to think that I've been made fun off because when I ride to work, I have between 5 and 7 blinking lights on the bike and backpack. But I have also had drivers slow down and tell me they can see me from a mile away.
Needless to say, I'm all shook up as I sit here writing this. I have been hit and have hit cars riding a bike, so I know how it is.
Please wear your helmet and have more than one blinking light front and rear. Learn from what happens to others. Not that I want anything to happen to anyone, but it is a lesson for all of us who ride bikes, it just happens it was me today. It could be YOU tomorrow.

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