Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Darn AM bike riders

Summer hrs are over at work that means back to normal working hrs. I don't have to get up at 4am to commute to work, wohoooooo one more hr of sleep. So now I get up at 5am, big freaking deal, right?
 My commute is 32 miles one way through some of the hilliest parts in the MetroParks, Strongsville to Solon. Everytime I commute I tell myself as I'm leaving the house, "take it easy" no need to rush just spin your way there and get your workout done in the afternoon. Every once in a while as soon as I hit the park I see blinking lights ahead and like a fool, I'm chasing. Does it happens to you?
I'm carrying a 10 pound backpack and I'm chasing a stupid blinking light and I don't slow down until the catch is made. Sometimes as I make the catch I see another one ahead and like a double fool I keep going aiming for that one. It happened today in the Bedford reservation, I stopped to take a nature break and two guys went buy. So I get on the bike and I'm chasing, I need to stop this and just enjoy the ride in the morning. Then again, is just fun chasing, catching, passing, hurting and then hurting some more on my way home in the afternoon. I'm just glad all the lights I chase are from slow moving riders and the little speed I can do is enough. I'm just a hair faster that slow.
Don't forget MANATOC this weekend.

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